Back pain is one of the common problems everyone encounters and is the second most common symptom after psychological problems in the world.

It is associated with fear, anxiety, and stress-causing huge loss of man-hours.

It is much more common in young age groups because of the long working hours and the long commuting that we need to do.

Back pain is such a disabling symptom it won’t allow us to concentrate on the work or even carry on our regular physical activities, which are very essential to keep us physically fit. Physical fitness is essential to handle the responsibilities of life.

Now people in the third decade and fourth decade of life which is their prime time in life are suffering from this pain and causing so much of agony, physically and mentally.

The fear is more than the physical pain as people often think back pain can’t be cured or I need to undergo surgery. Afterwhich, I will not be able to lead a normal life again or I can’t enjoy my life or even I will not be able to be physically active and I am going to lead a handicapped or a bedridden life.

To overcome this problem here are some important suggestions:

1. Emotional Battle.

Low back pain is a psychosomatic disorder in the majority of cases. We tend to overestimate the problem and start to think about the problem and mind straight away thinks about the consequences of the pain and believe that it’s going to affect carrier and personal life.

This is the mistake we should not do. It’s a simple back pain it’s not cancer, so relax. It’s not going to harm us.

Never allow the emotional brain to think and make the judgment. Think rationally and take the necessary steps to prevent this. Once you decide to understand the cause of the pain, the solutions automatically come.

I think this is a major step to overcome back pain.

2. Identify The Cause

Rather than thinking about the consequences of the back pain, one should analyse the cause of the pain, and understand what could be the reason?

If we can channelize the thought process like that, we can understand the root cause of the problem.

Once we know what is causing the problem we can address the issue with appropriate measures.

  • Life style disease:

like diabetes and hypertension back pain is also a life style disease.

It’s an accumulation of our bad habits regarding our posture, our diet and working style or environment.

So, rewind your day and see where we are injuring our back. Like using Indian toilets, bending the back in a wrong way while lifting your daily newspaper or milk.

It’s normal everyone feels stiff in our back in the morning, it’s not a disease. Gradually the stiffness eases out in half an hour as our body temperature increases.

Next are our bathroom manners. Make sure you are not abusing the back.

Twisting movements in bent posture are dangerous to spine that we generally do in bathrooms when we are reaching for things which may cause sudden pain.

  • The way we travel:

Now a day we are travelling two hours a day to work and back to home either car or two-wheeler, or may be in a public transport.

The condition of roads or speed breakers, causing stress on the spine which lead to muscle spasm or slip disc.
Office manners-

Make sure you are sitting right. Erect posture. Chest wide, feet rested on a foot rest. That is a good ergonomic posture.
Proper desk height. Computer top is parallel to the eye.

Invest on a good chair with good under thigh support.

Chair should be rotating and legs should be proper without minor height difference. Remove wallet from the back pocket.
Take frequent breaks when ever you feel discomfort.

  • Exercises:

For persons who are doing desk jobs the important area to strengthen is core.

Spend at least 15 min to make core strong. Simple way to do that is plank exercise, no equipment is
required. Just practice it and gradually improve your stamina.

Working on arms and legs may improve your looks but if core is weak, they are not useful.

  • Sleep:

Good amount of rest is needed for the body to heal itself from the daily micro injuries that happen to our body and brain.
Sleep deprivation or poor sleep habits worsen the problems by denying the body to heal it self. Maintain proper schedule for sleep.
Avoid late nights working habits.

Follow circadian rhythm (follow the sun)

Sleep posture is also important to avoid back pain.

Make sure you are using proper mattress (memory foam). Supine or lateral positions are better sleeping on stomach to be avoided.

  • Food habits:

Maintain proper diet, overweight is going to add burden on the spine and damages it gradually. Nutritional deficiencies worsen the problem by weakening the bones and muscles

I feel everyone is intelligent enough to identify what is triggering the problem.

Rather than going for doctor for a quick relief ,review our daily routine to identify what we are doing wrong.
Don’t turn your back on back pain.

We tend to ignore it when it is mild and run for shortcuts when it is severe. Train our brain to adopt healthy habits.
These are simple, doesn’t cost you much.

Easy to follow for healthy and happy back.